Located on the edge of the M50 and part of the popular Ross Labels Shopping Centre is a new boutique style cinema experience called The Gateway.

You arrive through an impressive glass entrance hall with steps taking you down to a comfortable Bar area, which serves a nice selection of food and local beers, ciders and wines to suit all tastes.

My choice of film was the 1991 Academy Award winning chiller The Silence of the Lambs.

Walking into the auditorium, you immediately feel the warmth and intimacy of a smaller theatre, with a variety of luxury sofas to choose from.

The movie itself has lasted the test of time with some classic scenes which are still frightening 28 years down the line. It was a great pleasure in seeing this iconic film on a big screen for the first time.

Although the theatre sound was a little bit inconsistent, this was probably more down to the age of the film and shouldn’t be an issue with more recent releases.

Checking out their upcoming releases, there seems to be something for all tastes, so if you are looking for something different in the future, make sure The Gateway is on your to do list.

Visited by YH’s Lewis Pearce