From Lola’s Legacy:

On the 15th of May it will be 10 years since our first daughter Lola was born sleeping at 39 weeks into what seemed like the perfect pregnancy. 6lb 5oz, 53cm long and with a head of dark hair she was everything we had ever hoped for and so much more.

On the road to becoming parents we also sadly experienced 4 miscarriages as well but we have now been blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy children Freddie and Tilda. When we went through our heartbreaking losses there wasn’t really anything in place to support families who had lost their precious babies, the staff were amazing but so much else was missing.

When the hospital launched The Born Sleeping Appeal a couple of years ago I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to support and help them get to their target. They smashed their target and bereavement care at the hospital changed massively BUT as with everything there’s always things that need updating, improving and changing and that is why I am so passionate about continuing to support the improvement of bereavement care at Hereford Hospital and make sure that any families who have to walk a similar path to us recieve the best care possible whilst they navigate their way through building a life without their precious baby in it.

Now more than ever parents who have lost their babies will be needing the facilities and the support of the bereavement maternity services at the hospital as they come to terms with their loss. With covid changing everything and making things so much harder, that feeling alone makes me more determined to continue to make a difference and to once again  support the hospital and more families.

10 years without Lola is huge.. We want to mark it and celebrate our beautiful girl and help even more people by sharing her story and raising awareness.. Lola’s Legacy has currently raised £20,000 for the improvement of maternity bereavement services at the hospital. I know first hand how hard it was having not had these services in place for us and just how vitally important they are.

This is Lola’s Team ~ Liam (Lola’s daddy) , Shaun, Annie, Garry, Kim, Sam, Andrea, Luke, Pritch, Hannah and Emma

Thank you for reading this and for your donation, it really does mean the world to me and the team.

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