There is a very real concern that the Coronavirus crisis will increase the incidence of domestic abuse.

Being told to ‘stay safe at home’ is absolutely right, but for some – home is not a safe place to be. They need everyone’s help right now, if they are to remain safe.

West Mercia Women’s Aid is reaching out to local community groups and asking them to help to spread the word that their services are still operating, and to share contact details.

They are using social media to provide advice about what people can do at home to keep themselves safe, and to share the 24/7 telephone Helpline at every opportunity.

They have also launched LiveChat on their website to make it possible for those living with domestic abuse in ‘lockdown’ to silently contact them and ask for help without attracting unwanted attention.

Find LiveChat on their website.

Herefordshire Helpline 0800 783 1359