Seeking to transform dull spaces into inspiring havens for nature and the local community, is the mission of a new venture called YourGreen.

The new eco-seed and tree business is calling on the public and private sector to think differently about green space and consider the breadth of environmental, emotional and brand benefits of planting wildflower seed mixes, trees, hedgerows.

Co-founder of YourGreen, Bethan Pugh, points to their YourPact consultancy package, supporting the development of a sustainable and eco-friendly brand;offered alongside advice on the practical and technical aspects of creating inspiring green spaces.

“We work hand in hand with organisations to create a package of activities that help realise their green ambitions,from supporting a sustainable food chain to creating natural public spaces for the local community,” she says. “This could mean planting grassland, meadows, woodlands, hedges, environmental mixtures or donating wildflowers to community projects. 

“Carbon sequestration is one aspect, but it’s wider that that – we’re thinking about offsetting biodiversity loss as well asfocusing on the community, health and wellbeing. 

“We’ve developed a whole range of wildflower mixes that have been created with those benefits in mind – right down to thinking about the impact on mood and mindset, with mixtures which promote relaxation, positivity and creativity.At YourGreen, the service goes well beyond supplying a generic seed mix,” adds Bethan.

The launch of YourGreen follows a year when the pandemic exposed the importance of getting closer to nature.

“There’s definitely an appetite for businesses and the public sector to make their premises and outdoor spaces more attractive and create a positive experience for all. The motivation could be one of mental health, conservation or attracting home workers back to the workplace. 

“There’s an untapped demand that’s seeing organisations looking for ways to give staff, customers and the local community an opportunity to connect with nature,” she adds.

Bethan says that the firm is also equipped to offer technical growing advice and has a strong philanthropic outlook.

Marking the launch of the new venture, YourGreen is supporting Children’s Gardening Week by donating wildflower packs to schools across Shropshire. 

“Our aim is to encourage schools to take part in rewilding areas of the UK, educating children across the county about how planting wildflowers can support wildlife, conservation and connect with nature to increase quality of life,” she adds. 

To find out more about YourGreen, visit the website at or follow on Facebook or Instagram at @yourgreenltd.