Leominster artist and poet Laura Ding-Edwards has signed a deal with London and L.A. Publisher, That Guy’s House.

Her debut collection of poetry and prose is titled The Mountain, following the worldwide success of her poem of the same name. Laura, who lives in Leominster with her husband Tommy, wrote The Mountain about her own struggles with anxiety and it has since gone viral on social media – being shared by bloggers Mrs Hinch and ITV’s Antonella Brollini and championed by mental health charity The Frank Bruno Foundation.

Laura’s poetry addresses hard hitting issues relating to mental health, anxiety, body image and self-awareness and has been described as “like having a friend quietly sit beside you and whisper ‘everything will be OK'”. Alongside the upcoming release, Laura is heading up #themountainmovement, a project aimed at paying kindness forward by leaving small copies of inspirational verse in places where people can find them.

A spokesperson for That Guy’s House says that the publisher is “thrilled to be working with Laura. We have a deep love for poetry, especially that which beautifully describes the human experience.”

Your Herefordshire wishes you all the very best for the future Laura, and we look forward to the book launch!