Little Princess Trust’s beautiful wigs are now being sent out in equally stunning packaging after a company close to their Hereford home kindly agreed to print the items for free.

The presses at Elite Plastics Ltd were set whirring into action before 8,000 of the double-sided plastic bags were produced for The Little Princess Trust.

The bags, which are made from sugarcane and are 100% recyclable, will be used to send wigs to young people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other conditions.

Manta wig brushes, which they receive for free from the hair specialists, and wig stands are the other items to go out in the carbon neutral packaging.

Josh Salmon, Commercial Director of Elite Plastics Ltd, said: “The Little Princess Trust is an incredible charity that Elite Plastics takes huge pride in supporting as their real hair wigs give young people with hair loss hope and the confidence to go about their lives and have fun in unimaginably difficult times.

“It’s more important now than ever in this difficult period of everyone’s lives to rally around and support charities like the Little Princess Trust to allow them to continue to do the incredible things they do and get through it.

“Even a little support at this time can go a long way.”