Norma Blake, Investor in Bridge 14, Welcomes Renowned Lewis Clements as a New Business Partner.

Bridge 14, the quintessential diner and restaurant nestled along Bridge Street near the Left Bank of Hereford City, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new business partner, Chef Lewis Clements. Norma Blake, the visionary investor behind Bridge 14, expresses excitement about the new direction the establishment is taking with Lewis Clements at the helm.

Commencing its culinary journey in May 2023, Bridge 14 has garnered acclaim for its mouthwatering meals, sweet treats, and beverages that captivate and enthral customers seeking a unique food experience.

With the arrival of Chef Lewis Clements, boasting an impressive 20-year tenure in the catering and hospitality industry across various esteemed establishments, Bridge 14 is poised to elevate its offerings to unprecedented heights.

As a proud Hereford native, Chef Lewis Clements brings a wealth of experience and a passion for his city to the table.

His vision for Bridge 14 is to curate a culinary journey brimming with diverse flavours and textures inspired by global cuisines while remaining deeply rooted in the preferences of the Hereford community.

“At Bridge 14, our sole aim is to craft exceptional meals using the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers, prepared with utmost care and attention,” says Lewis Clements.

The commitment extends beyond the kitchen, focusing on sustainable practices such as recycling coffee grounds, utilising peelings and trimmings to create stock, and serving meals in 100% bio-degradable, reusable, or recyclable packaging.

Bridge 14’s ethos aligns with a healthy planet, emphasising recycling, reusability, and minimal wastage. The establishment is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by sourcing locally and employing members of the community. Norma Blake expresses pride in Bridge 14’s achievements, stating, “We started with a bang, earning 5-star reviews and food hygiene ratings. I am excited to support such incredible talent in the culinary industry.”

Chef Lewis Clements is eager to bring his wealth of experience into Bridge 14, promising not only delectable meals but also unforgettable experiences for Hereford. “Starting this spring, we have unique ticketed events that Hereford has never seen before,” Lewis teases. He invites the community to experience the magic of Bridge 14’s new menu, which includes a mouthwatering roast dinner.

Norma, Lewis, and the entire team at Bridge 14 look forward to delighting the community with their culinary prowess and unique events that promise to redefine the Hereford dining scene.