The Quarters, a brand new pub in Leominster, is set to open in the former Ducker Bar.

The pub will open its doors on Saturday 9th December.

The owners have shared an update, after admitting that they caused a stir on social media with their initial post. The update says:

“Well, didn’t we cause a stir yesterday?!

“Anyway, thought we’d better clear a few things up and then maybe it’ll make a little more sense.

“We aren’t a traditional pub, we hope to be a late night bar with music and entertainment. To begin with we will only be opening on Friday & Saturday nights.

“We will open at 8pm and depending on the event will close between 1am and 2:30am.

“We are trying to bring a little fun to Leominster – a great town which we love! Somewhere people are excited to go to, throw on your glad rags and come and have a dance!

“There are some fantastic pubs in town that offer a spot for an after work pint or somewhere more casual… They don’t need any more competition, so let’s try something a little different!

“Why should Hereford have all the nightclubs and late bars? The people of Leominster deserve some fun too!”

An initial post shared by The Quarters – Leominster earlier this week said:

“You may have heard rumours. Yes it’s true! 

“We will be implementing a dress code! 

“Nothing too drastic, but you will not be allowed entry if you are wearing the following.

“Hoodies, Tracksuits, Joggers, Workwear and Football and Rugby Shirts.”

The Quarter – Leominster is located on South Street.