The DM Lab has been nominated for the ‘Outstanding Business of the Year’ Award & MD Chris has been nominated for the ‘Most Influential Business Person of the Year’ Award at the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards 2019.

From the DM Lab’s website: “We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to throw ourselves into new exciting opportunities as a result of The DM Lab’s success. With our continually growing expertise, reputation and funds available to us to reinvest into community endeavours. Recently we’ve been working with a number of new clubs and ventures (see our Charity and Community work page here). All this we’ve both an avid interest in the successes of the clubs and ventures and at the same time growing them. We dedicate a lot of our time to our support in the community.

It’s something we’ve always aspired to do, but as they company grows, we’re able to successfully achieve these goals. We do shout about them (if we don’t, who will?!) but we do it because we are passionate about them. We don’t do it for any other reason. However, when we get recognised for what we do and achieve, we’ll definitely shout about that!

The DM Lab as a company has been nominated for an ‘Outstanding Business of the Year Award’ at the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards 2019! Not only this, but MD Chris has been nominated for the ‘Most Influential Business Person of the Year’ Award too!

If you’re not aware of what the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards (MBCC) are, they have been created to recognise and value unsung heroes that go the extra mile each day in both the business and the community worlds.

We’re lucky enough and proud to support every club, organisation and event that we do. We may even only play a bit part role in some, but we are very happy in the knowledge that we are a cog in the machine. Through the business, we’re able to help raise the profile of the ventures in ways only we know how to. However, the other bit of amazing news is that Chris himself has been nominated personally too! Read more about why this is here!

Chris works really hard, inside and outside of work. His positive attitude to any situation is a huge influence to those around him. To be nominated for ‘Most Influential Business Person of the Year’ is incredible for him. Considering all the things he does while running a successful small business. To be recognised for his personal efforts and the effort he puts into running and growing The DM Lab is amazing. We would love to be recognised at the MBCC Awards 2019, whether it’s Chris himself or the business in the ‘Outstanding Business of the Year Award’ or both would be something special indeed!

To do this, we need you!

The winners are decided by a public vote on Facebook. All you have to do is vote for The DM Lab’s & Chris’ nomination here. The finalists in each category with the most votes win.

If you know us and / or Chris and we have helped you in any way, or if you feel we deserve a like because of what we’ve done and will continue to do please do. Get involved. Here are the links through to the original posts. Only reactions on the original post will count.

We’ll be flying the flag at the high-profile event in November. We would love to represent Herefordshire at the awards. If we won, it would only contribute to raising the profile of the county of Herefordshire!

Vote for us by clicking this link: and you’ll find Chris in the Most Influential Business Person Of The Year category & The DM Lab in the Outstanding Business Of The Year Award category.”