SPORT | Planning approved for Centre of Excellence facility at former Gelpack Unit in Hereford

Planning permission has been granted for a ‘Sporting Centre of Excellence’ in Hereford at the former Gelpack unit.

React Club is an all inclusive club that welcomes everyone to enjoy the amazing sport of Gymnastics, Trampolining, Double Mini Trampolining (DMT), and Tumble.

Planning Details:

“Change of use from a vacant B2 industrial building to a D2 Sports/Leisure facility to provide a “Centre of Excellence” for multi-disciplined Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampolining, Acro Gymnastics DMT, Dance and Cheerleading facility built on an ethos of “Equality” and “Inclusion for all”, in a fun and safe environment structured to develop skills from fundamentals to elite performance.

“A passionate team of coaches that will guide the development of the next generation, while supporting and mentoring young aspiring leaders through the development of their sports coaching qualifications, social and life skills helping to build opportunities in Herefordshire.

“This new facility will allow dedicated resources unprecedented in Hereford where “full inclusion” of all social groups can be achieved.

“We have taken into account the site needs in terms of its location and design and have worked with the landlord to provide a safe environment for the members to arrive, attend their classes and exit the site with a minimum of risk. Primary site alterations are; moving the main entrance location to the rear of the unit through the car park access where designated walkways and allocated parking are being provided and clearly marked, re-location of existing yellow metal barriers to provide a safe walk zone and pedestrian safety zones at the entrance/exit point away from the main access road, thus removing the risk of any pedestrian access via the front of the building. New clear signage at the front and rear of the building clearly showing directions for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

“Additionally, bright lighting at all major safety zones will be installed for use with access needs in the evening.

“As the club is NOT open to the public as a “drop in” facility but private membership only, we have full control of the timetable of sessions and therefore know in advance who will be attending at any given time.

“Additionally, the majority of the members will remain for longer durations so parking needs are kept to a minimum as parents generally “drop and go”.

“We feel by segmenting/allocating the available car park space utilising designated areas and physical barriers and moving the main entrance away from the main road we have minimised any associated risks for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.”

You can find out more details about React Club by visiting –