On 6th May, a presentation night marked the end of the Hereford and District Skittle League winter season. The event was held at the Richmond Club in what was a scaled down event from usual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with every intention to return to normal next year.

Firstly, the Division 1 winners were the well established Tattibogoes. The Tattibogoes were created back in 1991 and have been crowned champions in Hereford’s First Division Skittles League 14 times. Division Two saw the Richmond Lions take home the league in a fantastic display across the season, as well as similar brilliance from Vic’s Rustlers who won Division Three and Acorns, champions of Division Four.

In regards to other competitions, brilliant effort resulted in a Singles Competition win for M Cleves (representing the Acorns), with R Weale (Tattibogoes) as runner up. The Pairs competition was won by G Thompson and S Price of the Vic’s Rustlers, runners up were Beevers players I Winter and W Birch.

The awards evening also saw several other cups, including the Front Pin Cup which was won by Evans SC just ahead of runners up Military D.

Evans SC’s win in this cup means they have won it back to back in consecutive years while also strongly settling their name as the cups record holders. This competition included R Chealsey and P Holland tallying the highest achieved score in the competition, both scoring 40 and both playing for Tattibogoes. In fact, the Tattigoboes own Rob Weale also recorded the seasons highest individual score of 65.

The knock out cup was awarded to Woodpeckers with Richmond Lions finishing runners up. The top 3 of The Charity Cup included first place Tattigoboes. Military D finishing as runners up and Mary Hinges finishing respectfully in third. Hereford’s Man v Man Cup was also taken home by Evans SC who defeated record holders, Tattibogoes, in the final. Finally, The Champion of Champions final played out between Acorns and Richmond Lions, the latter of which saw victory.

In summary, a very competitive and well fought out season, some fantastic talents rewarded with a fantastic season ending awards evening. Well done to all those involved for providing and finishing a great competition despite difficult circumstances. The summer competition has just started.