It’s been a long month for Sam Hunt of Westfields. For a footballer who just loves to play football, he opens up and says it’s been mentally tough being on the sidelines.

Ironically, it could be against the same team that he suffered his head injury against, that Sam makes his return, with the fixture being replayed tomorrow night after being abandoned after 68 minutes last time. That’s if manager Phil Glover thinks it’s the correct time for him.

Fields have been in very indifferent form lately, but four points from the last two fixtures has seen them remain in touch with the leading pack and certainly still with a chance of promotion should they go on a run.

Westfields Form:

Bradford Town 1 – 1 Westfields

Westfields 3 – 1 Cribbs

Corsham Town 2 – 0 Westfields

Westfields 0 – 1 Tuffley Rovers

Westfields 3 – 0 Calne Town

Your Herefordshire caught up with Sam Hunt to discuss his return to action and his hopes for the rest of the season.

YH: So it’s about a month since that awful night when you got injured and the match was abandoned. How has your recovery been?

SH: It’s been a slow recovery process, full of small steps but the main target throughout has been to put my long term health first which is imperative. I’ve been in good hands with the staff at HCH and Joe Darley (Westfields club physio) who has checked in regularly and set up a rehab programme for me to follow.

YH: As somebody who’s passionate about the game, how do you cope with being out of the team?

SH: I’m not going to lie, at times it’s been a big struggle mentally and physically not being able to play and help the team. Going from playing every game to no football at all has been tough. The last 10 days I’ve been back in the gym working hard so aim to hit the ground running again and push on.

YH: Fields have been in indifferent form since during your time on the sidelines but still remain in the hunt for promotion. Who has impressed you the most in your team this season?

SH: All the new lads have settled in really well, some have took longer than others to adapt but it’s a learning process along the way. Young Harrison Summers has been great. He’s been asked to played in a number of different roles so far and is a defenders worst nightmare. He never gives them a minutes peace, can run channels, come short and chips in with his share of goals/assists, it’s refreshing too see.

YH: Phil Glover has put together a young and hungry side that can be a joy to watch, but at times lack consistency. Do you think that will come with time?

SH: Hopefully my return will bring some experience back into the side and more consistency. We’ve took a lot on board from gloves and his staff, it’s up to us as a group now to go out and do it week in week out for 90 minutes and not just in spells. In this league it seems anyone can beat anyone on their day, it’s about which team works harder and turns up. Albeit we are not far away at all and right up there in the mix.

SH: Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone at Westfields football club from top to bottom, it’s times like these that make you feel really valued within the club. Also the NHS staff and all the personal messages of support I’ve received throughout, it’s very much appreciated.

A shout out to Matt Cale Photography for allowing us to use his photos. A brilliant local photographer with a great passion for football. We need more like Matt involved in local football.