Hereford Lads Club travel to Malvern Town on Saturday for a crunch top of the table encounter. Here are the thoughts of manager Danny Moon.

Q) Your last two home matches have fallen foul of the weather. Frustrating?

A) Very disappointed with the two games being called off. The latter probably the most. We just have to regroup and make sure we are ready.

Q) You travel to Malvern, a side that are also chasing promotion, on Saturday. Will the lads be prepared for the battle?

A) We have prepared well this week, hopefully got a couple of players over injuries. It’s now down to the players attitude and application.

Q) You’ve got a very passionate group of supporters that watch you home and away. What are your thoughts on those that turn up week in week out? 

A) We started with about 10-20 people watching. We average around 80-100 supporters now. Have a great core of people supporting the team and club. If we can keep the average at 100, then we would hope to progress like we have in the last 5 years. The last few games we’ve had a great away support, the players appreciate it.

Q) There’s a decent following making the trip to Malvern on Saturday. (Including us!) Do you have any words for those that are going?

A) I think we have 30-40 going on the train, they know what is expected behaviour wise. All the support they can give us will hopefully be used as an advantage.

Q) Who has been your best performer this season?

A) I think as a group of players this season, they all deserve a mention. They say the club has been treated with a run of home games but the amount of away matches we had to play with no support from anywhere this season has been a disadvantage to Lads Club as a club and not enough is being done for the club locally from the FA. 

Q) You seem incredibly passionate on the sidelines. How would you describe your management style?

A) I think people make there own opinion on me, not bothered by that. I’m a winner, want to play the right way but in reality, we all can’t be a Man City. Each game you need to find a way to win the game.

Q) What are your long term ambitions for Lads Club?

A) We’ve managed to get in the Step 6 FA pyramid in the last 6 years. Great achievement. Arguably the poorest team at this level and this county at this level. I think Step 5 for Lads Club is realistic, anything higher and we would not have the money or infrastructure to compete. We are already achieving so much being where we are now.

Q) Your Herefordshire are sponsoring your County Cup fixture against Hereford FC. Have you enjoyed being in the spotlight in recent weeks? 

A) Your Herefordshire probably don’t realise how much myself and the club appreciate your kind gesture. It helps so much, to have us in the spotlight in the last few weeks has been  great. Let’s hope we can stay in it for weeks to come.