The Herefordshire FA County League’s will kick off on Saturday 12th September, it has been confirmed.

Colin Taylor, County League Chair said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to be able to confirm a start date of 12 September for the County League and even better to confirm that overall we have the same number of teams across all three divisons. Starting the League is not without its challenges given the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, but the volunteers at each Club are putting in a huge effort to make sure that, by the time the League kicks off, it will be able to do so in a safe manner for all. We’re all really grateful for this effort, as starting back up simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

“We’re really keen to ensure the Clubs are more involved in the future direction of the League, which I think will ensure the League goes from strength to strength and continues to develop.”

Ben Archer, HFA Football Administration Officer said: ‘’It’s been great working with the Clubs to ensure they are ready to kick off in September. After an interrupted season last season, I’m really looking forward to working with the Clubs and Management Committee to play my part in ensuring the League continues to be a successful one. Next key steps are to ensure all Clubs are affiliated and then, following this, fixtures will be confirmed. Then before we know it we’ll be into the season – which I know is news everyone has been waiting for.”