The launch is now scheduled for Saturday May 30 at 20:22 UK time (19:22 GMT). 

The mighty rocket will be carrying two Astronauts to the International Space Station inside a new Crew Dragon Spacecraft. This is the first ever commercial launch of Astronauts into space by a private company, SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2.

After lift off, you may be able to see the Crew Dragon spacecraft on its first orbit passing over the United Kingdom. An unmissable and historic sight!

Unlike the earlier scrubbed launch on Wednesday, you won’t see the craft over the UK 15 – 20 minutes later, but you may be able to see it pass over the UK/ Europe around 22:15 UK time the same evening.

The pass will be very low in the sky near the horizon and will be a challenge to spot. It may be too low to be visible in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England.

This will be the only time we will be able to see the spacecraft fly over before docking the following day.

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