For many, the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday will have been a relief. Light at the end of the tunnel for many that love to socialise with both family and friends.

So what does it mean for pubs and restaurants?

From 12th April outdoor hospitality can reopen, this includes pubs and restaurants. The rule of six will be in place, or a group from two households.

There will also be no requirement for a substantial meal or a scotch egg with a beer, which will be a welcome relief to many! There will also no longer be a 10pm curfew but those eating and drinking will be required to remain seated at all times.

From 17th May the vast majority of rules on outdoor hospitality will be lifted, with groups of up to 30 people allowed to meet outdoors. Meeting in groups of more than 30 will still be illegal at this time.

On this date, pubs and restaurants will be allowed to reopen indoors with the rule of six or a larger group of up to two households allowed.

From 21st June, the government hopes to reopen nightclubs and lift restrictions on large events such as festivals. This would mean that pubs and restaurants would be allowed to reopen as normal, just in time for England to win Euro 2021…..we hope!

HOWEVER, these dates are just guidance at this stage and will depend on several factors, including the success of the vaccine rollout, the hope that new variants are quickly found and stamped out and that pressure on the NHS continues to fall or remains at a manageable level.