Since Lidl submitted its plans to demolish the Three Counties Hotel on Belmont Road in Hereford and replace it with a superstore, there has been plenty of local criticism of the plans, with many local residents objecting due to concerns over noise and increased traffic in the area.

However, not everyone is against the plans and Herefordshire Council has this week received more letters of support for the plans for a discounter superstore south of the river.

One local resident said:

“We are in desperate need of a supermarket this side of the river which can cater for low-income families.

“The nearby supermarkets are just to expensive and the offering of Farm Foods is no different. I much welcome the site becoming a LidI as it will bring more much needed local jobs to the area and boost the economy.

“Although I would be sad to see the Three Counties Hotel demolished – without much needed investment and refurbishment – its future hangs yet again in the balance. Do we want more housing or commercial units?

“Traffic – Belmont Road is heavily congested and needs to be addressed yet again but as a separate issue due to the inept planning and ideas from the current administration.

“Building a supermarket on that site tomorrow would have no difference on the traffic impact to building a Burger King or a Tim Hortons. This is a win win for residents with more choice, local job creation, creates competition between established supermarkets.

“It’s about time Hereford gets into the modern age and welcome big business and chains rather than turning it down.”