Director of Public Health, Karen Wright said: 

‘Herefordshire Council continues to deploy the local response in Mathon, in accordance with our outbreak control plan. There are now 74 confirmed cases at the farm. Our focus remains the health and wellbeing of residents while we work to contain and control the spread of COVID-19. We continue to support the farm management, their workers – who form an important part of our local economy, and the local community through this challenging time. 

There are three workers who have left the site without permission – one of whom tested positive. Workers who have left the premises have been asked to self-isolate. We are working with West Mercia Police to ensure they are safe and well, and taking the appropriate public health advice.

We follow the data on number of cases in Herefordshire closely, which otherwise remains very low. I would like to remind everybody that it is important to wash your hands, maintain social distancing and to wear a face covering to help protect others.’