Daily COVID-19 deaths have fallen below 100 in the United Kingdom for the first time since October, latest figures have shown.

A further 82 people were confirmed to have died within 28 days of a Covid-19 test, making it the lowest daily deaths figure since early October.

Deaths being recorded in Herefordshire are also starting to show signs of slowing down, with hospitalisations down and the number of daily cases being recorded significantly down, with less than 100 new cases being recorded in the seven days ending 2nd March.

Despite 82 deaths still being an extremely sad occurrence, the number of deaths being recorded just six weeks ago was over 1,000 a day with the NHS overwhelmed. Back in January, over 100 patients were being treated with COVID-19 at hospital in Herefordshire, but as of last week this number had fallen to 10 patients, with one patient receiving treatment in an intensive care unit.

Lockdown easing has today started in England, with schools returning to face to face education, however students will be asked to take part in regular COVID-19 testing and secondary school students have been told that they should be wearing masks to try to limit the spread of the virus.