Been into Hereford city centre today? Wonder what all the chalk circles are about? Here’s what has been happening.

Emma from the Hereford Community Clean Up Group said:

“A very thought provoking event this morning, we had lots of positive comments and we could hear people talking about the issue and environment as they passed us.

“We must have circled thousands, it is quite shocking. This event was to raise awareness of the amount of cigarette butts that are discarded on the ground, where they would eventually make their way down the drains to the river and finally sea.

“Town certainly needs a daily sweeper to go around every morning before markets set up and the public start to come into town.

“Unfortunately, some of the new planters were already full of butts and litter, why don’t people use the bins? There are plenty around town. Thank you Nikki Perry for your help this morning and a big thank you to ‘Cafe Nero’ for the offer of a free drink, they appreciated what we were doing #ProudtoPick

“Don’t worry this is only chalk and once it rains it will be gone along with most of the ciggy butts down the drain.”