With recent events in Afghanistan proving a difficult reminder for many of friends and family members who lost their lives during the conflict, many local people have rallied round to support veterans that may be struggling with mental health problems in Herefordshire.

One of which is the South Wye Police Boxing Academy. They’ve put out the following message on their Facebook page:

“Very sad to hear news of any country or people caught up in conflict. We are blessed with many veterans at our club, some of which have served in Afghanistan.

“They may well be struggling mentally right now due to the news that we are seeing coming onto our screens.

“Our gym is always open for a brew and a chat, we are continuing our Maverick Stars Trust Veterans programme where you can join our training sessions free, with free equipment or just come along and talk to the coaches and boxers.

“Get involved with a boxing club community that in a lot of ways is similar to our forces community.

“Remember guys the kettle is always on.”