Schools across Herefordshire are preparing to welcome students back from 8th March.

Students at secondary schools across the county will be offered regular COVID-19 tests and we’ve spoken to Aylestone School in Hereford who have explained the process perfectly. 

Many parents and children are bound to be nervous about the process, but support is on hand to help everyone. 

Simon Robertson, Executive Headteacher, Aylestone School:

“We’re really looking forward to welcoming the children back from Monday 8th March. The children were brilliant in adapting to the new procedures that were introduced when schools fully returned after the first lockdown in September.

“I’m sure they’ll approach the additional measures that the Government have asked schools to implement on this occasion in the same way with the same maturity. It’s certainly a logistical challenge for schools to test every student 3 times in school in a short space of time and each school will have their own difficulties to overcome.

“When the children return they will be asked to complete their first Covid-19 lateral flow test. Testing is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.

“We have been testing staff and students in school for some time now and our procedures are well established. I was apprehensive and nervous when I took my first test, but is something that I’m now used to and has become part of my weekly routine.

“The test will be done in a private testing booth and there will be lots of staff around to guide students in completing the test and to offer support and reassurance. The results from the test take roughly 30 minutes and once a child’s test result is confirmed as negative they can return to school full time. The children will complete two further tests in school (3 – 5 days apart) to gain confidence in the procedure before we give them a testing kit for them to use at home.

“When the children return to school it’s certainly going to be a busy time for everyone, but worthwhile for us to be able to welcome everyone back.”