The community of Hereford is coming together to help support a local resident in their battle with pancreatic cancer.

Gemma is from Hereford and received some bad news about her cancer diagnosis last week.

Here is Gemma’s story from her Just Giving page:

“In 2018 I had a Whipple procedure that we were hoping would be a non cancerous tumour, however this was not the case. I went on to have a number of complications, a collapsed lung, numerous infections, perforated bowel and sepsis on a couple of occasions.

“I am now undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy along with the addition of a stent put in due to my Liver not functioning.

“I am trying to raise funds to help with travelling to various hospital appointments, hundreds of miles away.

“I am due to have major surgery this month, but this is dependent on the availability of a bed, due to Covid.

“Any funds raised will be used to travel for stem cell transplant which can’t be done in this country.”

“Update: I have been given sad news today. The operation I was supposed to have, cannot go ahead as planned. They have found that the cancer is in my hips, this means I have to start intensive chemotherapy to try to shrink the tumour. My option now is to have my stem cells to be harvested, then to transplant the good cells at a later date once I get the go ahead. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in the UK.”

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