West Mercia Police officers in Herefordshire are asking parents for their support in keeping children off the railways in the county.

There have been several reports of children trespassing onto railway tracks near Leominster.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

I seek your help and support to forward this message on and educate children within your communities, especially as this week is half term and good weather on the horizon. 

Recently Leominster Safer Neighbourhood Team have received reports that children have been reported playing on the railway tracks near to LEOMINSTER train station. Reports are that children have been not only messing around on the railway tracks but playing ‘chicken’ with the trains, which is where children run across the tracks when a train approaches.

Our main concern is SAFETY. Trains in our area do operate at high speeds and take a considerable distance to stop, depending on speed, weight to name a few factors, this can be around a mile. It is clear to see that no child or person will survive if they are hit by a train.

This behaviour is very dangerous and must stop.

Furthermore trespassing on the railway line is an offence and may lead to persons being arrested. Police will attend these calls and will take positive action each time as children need to understand the extreme dangers they put themselves in. 

A simple trip, slip, or delayed reaction is all that it takes for a potential horrendous incident to occur and many lives to be affected, so LETS stop this behaviour before the idea is even thought of.