Public Health England has confirmed that one further case of Coronavirus has been recorded in Herefordshire, taking the total number of cases of the virus in the county to 916 since the outbreak started.

The rise in cases in Herefordshire remains very low in comparison to other areas of the United Kingdom that are seeing a significant increase in positive cases. A further 1,715 tested positive for the virus in the United Kingdom, the largest weekend increase since the middle of May.

In the United Kingdom, one further patient that had tested positive for COVID-19 sadly died, taking the total number of deaths to 41,499 since the start of the outbreak. In Herefordshire, no further COVID-19 related deaths were recorded, meaning that the total number of COVID-19 related deaths remains at 57 since the start of the outbreak. The most recent Coronavirus relayed death at a hospital in Herefordshire was recorded on the 15th July.