National Grid has confirmed that more than 700 properties are without power in Hereford this morning.

Belmont Tesco is reported to have temporarily closed due to a power cut, with residential properties in the area also affected.

National Grid expect supplies to be back to normal by 10.30am.

The following postcodes are understood to be affected:

HR2 7BY, HR2 7LZ, HR2 7SH, HR2 7SJ, HR2 7SL, HR2 7SN, HR2 7SP, HR2 7SQ, HR2 7SR, HR2 7SS, HR2 7ST, HR2 7SY, HR2 7UN, HR2 7US, HR2 7UZ, HR2 7XE, HR2 7XF, HR2 7XJ, HR2 7XL, HR2 7XN, HR2 7XP, HR2 7XS, HR2 7XX, HR2 7XY, HR2 7XZ, HR2 7YH, HR2 7YU, HR2 7YX, HR2 7YY, HR2 7ZA, HR2 7ZB, HR2 7ZG, HR2 7ZH, HR2 7ZL, HR2 7ZN, HR2 7ZP, HR2 7ZW, HR2 9RS

The incident was first reported at 8.42am.