Herefordshire Farmer Ernie Robbins has run a small plant and produce stall on the side of the road near Bridstow for over 30 years and couldn’t believe it when Herefordshire Council contacted him to say that the stall would have to close down due to safety concerns.

We met Ernie earlier today and he explained to us just how much he enjoys supporting and supplying the local community with plants and produce. In the short time that we were with him, Ernie was busy directing walkers who were visiting the area. In truth, Ernie appears a lovely local man that is absolutely gutted. Ernie said that when it comes to flooding and the road surface, the council are nowhere to be seen.

Ernie explained to us that Herefordshire Council had requested that the stall was to be closed, or moved, due to its close proximity to a nearby main road. However Ernie replied by saying that he has traded from the same spot for over 30 years and that it has never been an issue before. After making repeated attempts to communicate with Herefordshire Council with no luck, Ernie feels let down and disappointed at the lack of respect he is being shown.

Your Herefordshire will be contacting Herefordshire Council for comment on this matter.