Grant Shapps has told councils to stop abusing £250m fund meant for green transport revolution, The Telegraph has reported.

In a direct message to council leaders, he says: “Where some councils have abused the cash, my message is clear: speak to local residents, get it fixed or no more cash.”

He adds that while some schemes had been “done well”, in the worst cases “a number of them will be coming out soon”.

Campaign groups representing the disabled, small business owners, pollution activists and motorists have criticised the schemes for being rushed through with little or no consultation.

He said: “Some councils have introduced random one-way systems, which don’t seem to offer many benefits to anyone. 

“Some of those plastic barriers that have gone up in town centres to widen the pavements can actually prevent pedestrians, including disabled people, crossing the road.

“They narrow the carriageway for traffic, causing congestion and increasing danger for cyclists. They reduce parking for essential visits to the pharmacy or dentist or doctor. And they don’t seem to be much used by pedestrians either.”

He adds: “For those who say we shouldn’t be building roads, I say there’s nothing green about standing still in traffic, pumping out CO2 and pollution.”