Herefordshire Council’s Plough Lane Offices have been cordoned off with Crime Scene Tape by a local businessman who says “they need to be prevented from committing any more crimes against our communities.”

The businessman who does not currently wish to be named was speaking to our reporter this morning and he said “I have tried all the conventional routes and made full representations to the council during the consultation process and these along with all others were ignored. So ahead of the meeting Tuesday he felt it was vital to show the council the strength of feeling amongst the business community!”

“As Jim Kenyon said we now have 5 cycle bridges and 1 motor traffic bridge.“

He continues by saying “The councils reasoning is that these measures are to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 this is absolute rubbish, if they introduce the cycle lane on Blue School Street most of the cyclists will either be run over as they try to navigate the Tesco Roundabout or die of poisonous fumes from the vehicles as they are all stood still on what will become Herefords largest car park.”

“These current measures are ill thought out and poorly executed and the council must listen to the communities it serves and not continue down this path which will kill the businesses in the city! We are not in North Korea so it’s about time they listened to the people!”