Many pubs and restaurants in Herefordshire have reopened over the past week, however for some, the opportunity to open isn’t as simple as it is for others.

Pubs like The Grape Vaults in Leominster have a limited capacity at the best of times, simply due to the size of the venue, so further restrictions due to social distancing regulations make it almost impossible to run a viable business.

The management posted on Facebook yesterday stating that after talks with their landlords, the decision has been taken to remain closed for the rest of July at the very least.

The post on their Facebook page stated:

“Just a quick update for our lovely customers. After our meeting with the landlords yesterday it has been decided that due to our size we will remain closed at least through July and hope that there is more lee way with restrictions. If there is another shut down in the meantime we will look at things again. In these uncertain times safety comes first. Hopefully see all of you again soon.”