From Hereford Cops (West Mercia Police):

Joshua NEWBURY aged 30 – no fixed abode Hereford.

NEWBURY appeared at Herefordshire Magistrates Court on 20 April 2022 where he was issued a 3 year Criminal behaviour Order (expires 20/04/2025).

The court directed the following prohibitions;

• Prohibited from acting in such a manner likely to cause alarm, distress or harassment to others in any public place.
• Prohibited from remaining on any private property or other property when asked to leave by the person in charge at that time.
• Prohibited from being in possession of an open vessel containing alcohol in Hereford city centre (defined by a map).

NEWBURY has been a persistent problem across the city for a number of years and despite many attempts to change his behaviour he has continued to cause significant alarm and distress to many. His conduct is unacceptable and is normal caused through illegal drug use and excessive alcohol consumption. NEWBURY has acted with no regard to others.

A breach of a CBO is a criminal offence and any breaches of this order should be reported to the Police on-line – via – or by calling ‘101’