Hereford BID (Hereford Business Improvement District) has responded to criticism over the Christmas Tree that it has installed on the corner of King Street and Bridge Street in Hereford.

Members of the public commented on the Christmas Tree by saying:

Gareth Postans – “Definitely a 2020 Christmas Tree – wilted and depressed.”

Luke Clarke – “A tree to match the year.”

Mitch Mitchell – “Is that the best we could get? What an absolute eye sore!”

Hereford BID responded by saying:

“We ask anyone reading this to go and take and look when the lockdown ends and more importantly, spend some money with the shops down there who will love you for it!

“The tree was installed by ourselves on Thursday and is secured to an existing steel post that in summer has hanging baskets on them. After this was put in place we made some final adjustments and also ensured local businesses were happy – we had great feedback and appreciation that this part of town was receiving some Christmas cheer.

“We will be installing smaller lit trees in this street, and some others, in the next few weeks. The tree is not perfect, we really do know that – but that is the nature of trees and those who have seen it for themselves have been highly complimentary.

“I am afraid the photograph suggests it is leaning whereas it is not! Securing a tree in this way has challenges as there is no ready made hole in the ground, such as the one used in High Town.

“We were mindful to not remove too many branches on the post side of the tree (where we secured it) otherwise it looks bare on that side.

“We absolutely know this is not a perfect tree but we’re glad to be able to support businesses and at the very least, highlight a great location of independent businesses ….so go and see for yourselves. Stay safe.”