A fundraising page has been set up to support the family of Pace, who was born weighing just 642 grams.

The following content is from the GoFundMe page that has been set up.

Hi all, my name is Jess I’ve created this fundraiser to try and help Little Pace’s parents and my friends Bella and Paul.

On the 7th of March 2022, Bella was rushed from Worcester hospital to Bristol hospital after experiencing Labour pains and waters breaking. Despite all efforts from the NHS trying to delay labour, Little Pace was born on 11/03/22 at 25 weeks via emergency C-section, weighing a tiny 642 grams.

Since then, Both Paul and Bella have not left his side apart from weekends when they take turns returning home to see their other three children.

Their eldest daughter Emily (18), gave up her job to ensure the younger two children were looked after while mum and dad are with Pace.

I’ve created this fundraiser hoping that, as a community, we can give a little donation to help enable Mum and Dad with the costs of Running both their family home and their accommodation in Bristol, along with fuel costs running back and forth on weekends. I speak with Bella daily and little Pace is currently fighting an infection and sadly due to complications, has been put back onto a breathing machine. It’s such a worrying and stressful time for them all and its heart-breaking to hear they have worries and stresses of wondering how long they can sustain their current financial situation. 

Bella has worked for the NHS for over 14 years  in October 2021, she changed to a GP surgery. With Pace being 15 weeks early, they are still waiting on her MATB1 form to be completed, and Paul who was self-employed was due to start a new position as an HMP Prison officer the day pace was born.

This has been delayed until May in the hope that Pace is in a more stable condition than currently. As with us all they really are feeling the effects of living costs but if you are able to donate anything towards this fundraiser to enable them to focus on there little boy and to have one less thing to worry about then it would mean so so much to them. 

Thank you all for reading Little Paces Parents’ story, and thank you in advance for any donations received. I know how touched and eternally grateful both Bella and Paul will be  until their beautiful little fighter is home fit and well.

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