England is set to return to three tiers of COVID-19 restrictions, once the national lockdown ends of the 2nd December.

Boris Johnson is expected to tell MPs on Monday that he plans to return to the three tiers approach but that most areas of the country will find themselves in the higher tiers.

Cabinet will meet today to discuss the “COVID Winter Plan” before full details are released on Monday.

With Herefordshire’s current COVID-19 rate just below 200 cases per 100,000 population, it is likely that Herefordshire will find itself in a higher tier of restrictions than previous. Herefordshire Council had previously warned that Herefordshire would enter Tier 2 restrictions once the infection rate surpassed 100 cases per 100,000 population.

If Herefordshire is placed under Tier 2 (High Restrictions), that is likely to mean:

Tier 2: No household mixing indoors; rule of six applies outdoors; pubs and restaurants shut at 10pm.

According to the papers this morning, several families could be allowed to join in one “bubble” and mix between 22 and 28 December.

Number 10 said: “The plan will also set out how people will be able to see their loved ones at Christmas, despite ministers being clear this will not be a normal festive period.”