A couple from Ross-on-Wye have been left traumatised after a group of men burst into their home earlier this evening, armed with baseball bats and large knives.

Donna Langdown took to social media to explain that her parents home in the Tudorville area of the town had been targeted by armed thieves and that her parents had been very shaken up by the incident in the market town. Donna explained that at the time of the incident her mum and dad were at the property, with her sister and niece.

The men involved in the incident are described as English speaking, medium/large build, all wearing black clothing, black balaclavas and gloves. The family have said that West Mercia Police quickly sent officers to the scene and that they were checking the surrounding area to search for the men involved.

Cllr Daniel Lister offered the family support by saying;

“I’m so sorry to hear this and I hope your family are ok. I’m glad to hear that the police are on the look out and if I can do anything at all, even if it’s just making a cuppa one night and sitting and having a chat with them, please let me know. Keep safe.”

As of yet, West Mercia Police are yet to make a statement.