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COVID-19 cases are increasing in nearly every area of Herefordshire, with the vast majority of cases being recorded in those aged between 15 and 24 years-old.

There are many reasons behind this, one being that many in this age group are yet to be fully vaccinated, due to being the last age groups to be invited forward for a COVID-19 vaccine, but much of it is also to do with society opening up and people mixing and socialising once again.

In Herefordshire, in the seven day period ending 18th August, 1 in every 48 teenagers aged 15-19 in Herefordshire tested positive for COVID-19. (Infection rate of 2,078 cases per 100,000 population). Infection rates also remain very high in those aged between 20-24 years-old with around 1 in every 100 adults testing positive for COVID-19 in the same period. (Infection rate of 1,068 cases per 100,000 population).

Whilst these figures will remain a concern to some, hospitalisations in Herefordshire (Wye Valley NHS Trust) remain relatively low, with 13 patients recorded in hospital with COVID-19 on the 17th August. This is much lower than the previous peak back in January, when over 100 patients were being treated with COVID-19 at hospital in the county.

Another positive is the vaccine rollout across Herefordshire. Plenty of people are still coming forward to receive their vaccines and this will offer hope that any peak we see this time, will not result in anywhere near the number of hospitalisations and deaths as previous waves.

In Herefordshire, 87.1% of adults have received their first COVID-19 vaccine, with a total of 77.3% now having received both doses of a vaccine. These numbers are decent, but health officials locally are continuing to push for more numbers to come forward.

You can find more information about COVID-19 vaccines and local vaccination centres by visiting – Grab a jab at our drop-in clinics 23 to 29 August – Herefordshire Council