The Bromyard Fire Station Animal Rescue Team were called out to help rescue a horse that had slipped into the River Severn at Severn Stoke over the weekend.

The Bromyard Fire Station Team shared the following message on social media:

“This morning a fire crew from Upton upon Severn, a Rescue boat crew from Evesham Fire Station and Large animal rescue team from Bromyard were called to attend an incident on the river Severn near to Severn Stoke.

“A horse had slipped down the river bank and was unable to get back up as it was too steep.

“The boat crew were able to get close enough to the horse so that and the head halter could be put on the horse. Then using the skills of the boat crew he was taken down river to a shallow place were it was able to get back up the bank and join the other horses.

“Before he was released a vet was able to carry out a full welfare check and he was fine.”