A special annual memorial service for babies who have passed away will be held at Hereford County Hospital on Tuesday July 5 2022, starting at 7.30pm. 

Hereford County Hospital’s Chaplaincy team is organising the service and it is the first service to be held since 2019 at the hospital. 

Reverend Philip Roberts, chaplain at Wye Valley NHS Trust, said: “We would like to invite those who have lost a baby, whether recently or many years ago, to come and remember them with us at our annual memorial service. 

“The service lasts for about 40 minutes and each child is named and a candle will be lit in their memory. It is an important moment in the year when people are able to gather and remember their little ones with love”. 

The service will be taken by the hospital chaplain, supported by maternity staff, and is open to any relative or friend who has been touched by the death of a baby. 

If you wish to attend this service, please contact the hospital chaplain on 01432 364139 (please leave a message) or email philip.roberts@wvt.nhs.uk for further information.