The Environment Agency has confirmed that despite Herefordshire seeing widespread impacts as a result of the flooding caused by heavy and torrential rain across Wales over recent days, the situation could’ve been far worse if it wasn’t for flood defences across the county.

Over 900 properties are estimated to have been protected from flooding according to Environment Agency data. 583 properties were protected in the Leominster area, as well as over 200 in Hereford and 150 in Hampton Bishop.

It’s estimated that 15 properties in Herefordshire were affected by flooding yesterday, however it must be stressed that this is early data and judging by reports from people in the Greyfriars area of Hereford, this data may soon rise slightly.

In England, it’s estimated that approximately 400 properties were flooded during Storm Christoph, with over 27,500 protected due to flood prevention schemes.