Young Rupert was found abandoned at Peterstow around three weeks ago. He was incredibly frightened and confused but has since settled into kennel life very well and quickly become a favourite with staff at Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue.

There was a great deal of interest when Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue initially posted Rupert’s photo and details in an effort to find his owners, sadly to no avail, however they were confident in finding him a lovely new home.

It was Rupert’s 3rd birthday last Saturday, he had a lovely day and even a special birthday cake he shared with his kennel companions. Very sadly Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue were given the news this week that Rupert has cataracts in both eyes and without an operation he will lose his sight and they just can’t allow that to happen so they have launched a special fundraiser to enable him to get the help he needs.

The operation will cost in the region of £5000, an unexpected legacy of £1000 yesterday has given the kick start needed, so they are hoping to raise the remaining £4000.

You, their supporters have been so incredibly generous during these difficult times, its doubtful they would have got this far without you. Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue realise its a huge ask but anything you can spare would be so appreciated.
Payments can be made by PayPal to, or by bank to HW Animal Rescue, Lloyd’s Bank 30 94 99, Account No 01123512.

Or you can visit the Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue Facebook page.