A statement from the Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council made to Panorama as part of tonight’s episode.

I would like to apologise to children and families affected by the very serious failings in our Children’s Services.

Since my arrival I have made it my top priority to ensure we make urgent changes so that children and families in Herefordshire get the quality of support they need.

We are one year into our three-year plan to improve services for children and families, by reducing caseloads for Social Workers, recruiting more staff for home visits, providing better leadership and supervision for our staff, and by modernising our systems.

We are committed to supporting families and protecting vulnerable children in our community.

If you have any concerns about the way you or your family have been treated by Herefordshire Children’s Social Care Services, you can contact us at on our careconcerns webpage or or email careconcerns@herefordshire.gov.uk

Paul Walker- Chief Executive, Herefordshire Council