When we got the invitation from the team at Hereford Nando’s to pop by and try out the new Mozam Wrap we jumped at the chance. We’re all big foodies here at Your Herefordshire and love to experiment with new and interesting flavours.

Described as being inspired by the colours of the Mozambican flag, the new wrap is spread with tangy pineapple & coconut chutney, topped with grilled chicken breast and lettuce, then drizzled with a rich black garlic sauce. Hmmm, pineapple and coconut? OK. But I’m all about that garlic so dived in with high expectations.

The New Nando’s Mozam Wrap

Pineapple and coconut…brilliant! The flavours come together with the spiciness of the chicken to conjure a typical Jamaican/West Indian taste and that thick and sticky smoky black garlic sauce gives a rich and sassy undertone to the whole thing. I’m not a huge fan of fruit with savoury dishes on the whole but the pineapple chutney also contained a fair amount of ginger as counterpoint to the sweetness so my palate was suitably appeased.

If you’re steering clear of carbs this probably isn’t the sticky treat for you – the fruit chutney, bread and sauce all add up to a massive 55 net carbs, but good news for calorie counters…the wrap itself is filling enough for a good lunch and weighs in at less than 500 kcal. Yum.

The Mozam Wrap is priced at £7.35 and 50p from every wrap sold goes to fighting malaria in South Africa too.