Why just gaze up at one of Hereford’s most iconic modern buildings – when you can abseil down it?

Join St Michael’s Hospice at The Beefy Boys on Saturday 5th March when their fundraisers will descend 60-feet down the front of the Beefy Boys restaurant on Hereford’s Old Market development.

A team of qualified instructors from The Boulder Barn, Taste for Adventure will guide you through the abseil.

Each abseiler will receive a complimentary Beefy Boys burger voucher, which must be used on the day (recommended after your abseil…).

Numbers are limited. St Michael’s Hospice just ask those taking part to raise at least £100 in sponsorship for St Michael’s.

If the time slot you choose is already full, you will be contacted after sign-up to choose another slot.

Sign up now – https://www.st-michaels-hospice.org.uk/event/abseil-at-the-beefy-boys/?fbclid=IwAR1UX_Hl-ub8c_tI7gKW6oDWmtvfv9gt3M9UCLs5G3Bo4xI72i7QvTnVamI_aem_AbPo3kuuoYrH2gHgida8gPs2dyxisr48CQ8PemeNMuEHzgEDyg8AJFZkMNck3D6nbvA2yGPrrvQLXJGToDnJT32bWVcN1gra_m-i5NZhOMdyUBNjvaWa-wbC493NSf5Xds-3a0T2MZUp4eWvb8k6QYdS