A local man has set up a Dads Group on Facebook to support Herefordshire Dads from day to day.

Mark Douglas set up the group on Facebook and had this to say:

“I would just like to welcome every single person that joins the group. I made the group as I understand how hard it can be with work and family life and all the distractions that life gives for Dads to be able to socialise and be able to get with other dad’s and arrange days out.

“Many Dads do not realise just how much of an amazing job they are doing. Well I’m here to say you are!

“There is no judgement here. I understand what it’s like to take the kids out for a day to soft play, the park, swimming, any activity and just be the parent that’s there on their own.

“I know that feeling and if I can help other Dad’s not have that feeling it would be great, so I’ve started Dads of Herefordshire, where we can arrange days out as a group. We are able to go and do these things, offer help and support to each other and make new friends. So welcome everyone and should you need to reach out to myself please anytime feel free to.”

You can join the group by visiting – Dad’s of Herefordshire | Facebook