When COVID-19 struck the UK, the team at Blackfriars Tattoo in Hereford put their heads together to find a way in which they could make a contribution to the frontline.

Being artists the sensible thing to do was to create art, WEARABLE art, and co-owner Jon Harper put together some fantastic designs for “Stay-Home” t-shirts. Over the last two months the Blackfriars artists have raised an incredible £1,120 from the sale of these shirts in aid of Wye Valley NHS Trust Umbrella Charity.

Blackfriars owners Jon and Marcin are proud of what their team have achieved “Since it all started to unfold with Coronavirus being around us and affecting our daily lives like nothing our generation has seen before; we’ve seen a strong community feel and togetherness.

“We wanted to make a small contribution ourselves in these pressing times and what better people to receive it than our front line health workers. Since the launch we’ve seen amazing support, that’s why we’re so grateful that people buying our ‘Stay Home’ t-shirts helped us donate £1120 to Wye Valley NHS Trust”