Local 14 year old Singer Songwriter Lake took to the stage for the first time Sunday evening, in front of a nearly sold out show at the Brilley Village Hall.

The gig, that was also publicised during Lake’s very first Radio Interview earlier in the week, kicked off around 7.30pm to the cheers and roars of just over 100 people. Lake did a spectacular set, combining his original songs with some of his favourite covers, all of which sat very nicely together, making his own songs almost undistinguishable from the chart topping covers.

Lake has the remarkable ability to have everyone dancing and clapping along, then rips there heart out with a tear jerker… all within the space of a few songs. He burst onto the stage with such confidence, and held the crowd so intently that it was hard to believe we were watching a 14 year old doing his very first gig. If this is Lake learning the ropes, he certainly has a bright future ahead of him. You can follow Lake’s journey on Instagram @iamlakeofficial or through his website www.iamlake.com