MESSAGE | Thanks to staff at The Fred Bulmer Medical Unit for giving exceptional care

We’ve received a lovely message this evening about the lovely staff at the Fred Bulmer Medical Daycare Unit at Hereford County Hospital.

“I would like to thank ALL the staff at the Fred Bulmer section at the County Hospital, especially Carol and Mandy.

“All of whom take exceptional care when my mother (Jean) has her infusions for RA pain control. She again this evening has told me of what a wonderful experience today was yet again, despite it being an unpleasant procedure.

“Stories of being waited on by kind people at lunchtime, kind people walking her back to her collection point and altogether just very kind and caring folk.

“It certainly is nothing less than the fantastic service I have always received when at The County. I can not express my thanks to all the lovely staff who take the greatest of care with mother, who is extremely vulnerable and on this occasion very scared to attend, during these necessary treatments . Thank you ever so much for your professionalism, kindness and care.

From Tania Davis-Jones.”