Lee Prince from Hereford will be walking home from Imjim Barracks in Gloucester, all the way back home to Kingsway in Hereford, approximately 34 miles, this Christmas, to help raise money for Walking With The Wounded.

Walking Home For Christmas is Walking With The Wounded’s annual fundraising challenge to support those who served by tackling unemployment, mental health issues, homelessness and ex military in police custody. 

To find out more, please visit: www.wwtw.org.uk

Why is Lee doing this? Read why below:

“I am doing something that means a lot to me, I’m going to walk home for Christmas to support ex-military and serving soldiers and their families, who are in need of urgent mental health support.

“So why does this mean so much to me? Well this past year has not been the best year for me and I have been struggling myself and I have been in some dark places. I’m not one to speak out about anything like this and I’ve always just got on with it and plodded on and have just kept telling myself everything will be ok when really it’s not.

Then to be a tested positive for COVID-19 just topped it off. Not many people know what I’ve been going through so doing something like this is a massive achievement.”

You can support Lee by donating now – https://www.walkinghomeforchristmas.com/users/lee-prince?fbclid=IwAR0ny1yluXwucE0wqDtPjEW9E7HDjPXJk6HhDmtjcSLvvk8jAKcxAujMwbM