It’s at this time of year where many of us get reminiscent of years gone by and heading to the toy section in Chadds and meeting Santa. It was a childhood dream and something that children from across Hereford and beyond looked forward to all year.

Chadds was much more than just a toy shop though. It was a department store with character and class. Many memories have been shared across our various Facebook groups and we thought that it was time to put some of these together into one featured article.

Nicki McQueen shared this photo of the 60th birthday celebrations 1989. Her mum Chris Jones worked there 1978 for 27 years in the stationery department and she has fond memories of the staff who worked there.

Margaret Anne Beare shared the below photo from Christmas 1955 at Chadds of Hereford. Her mum was in hospital waiting to give birth and she was told Father Christmas would bring a baby on the train.

The photo below is of Chadds in the 1960’s. Shared with us by Steve Lines.

Mr and Mrs Chadd and staff in 1963. A great photo sent in by Irene Russell.

Drew Campbell took this photo looking down Commercial Street towards Chadds in 1986. Doesn’t The Kerry look great?

Jackie Owens shared this photo of a Chadds day trip.

Richard Sockett shared this great memory with us:

“My favourite EVER shop in Hereford, sadly long since consigned to history.
The toy department in the basement, a very uneven floor where you could do your ankle in or worse (with no sympathy from the “elf n’ safety police”, happily they didn’t even exist then)

“If you couldn’t find your favourite Action Man, or later Action Woman, in Chadds…..then it really wasn’t worth fretting about!”

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