Visiting the Heritage Suite is entirely free.

Currently, the Heritage Suite is only viewable by appointment. After 1st February 2022, visitors can enter during the hours of 10.30am to 2.30pm on Wednesday, while the Town Hall is open every weekday 9.00am to 5.00pm.

If you would like to arrange a tour, please ring 01432 260438 or email to book a visit. Group tours are also available!

The Heritage Suite is located within Hereford Town Hall, and opened 10th March 2018.

Previous to this, the City’s ancient charters and silver were locked in the vaults beneath the Town Hall. Now, having been moved near to the Mayor’s Parlour and placed within state-of-the-art modern museum units, these relics are open to the public once more.

The Heritage Suite is home to the City’s past, housing Hereford’s historic silver and ancient charters, as well as many other artifacts, all of which serve as a link to the City’s history. Behind each piece is a story to be told.

The Charters date back to 1189, and were historically used to validate the City’s status, given to the City by the reigning monarch of the time. Each charter comes with an elaborate seal, which usually contains an image. Some of these seals have worn down to barely recognisable shapes, while others have withstood the test of time. Our most recent charter was given to the City in 2000 from Queen Elizabeth II. This, and the other charters, are available for viewing in the museum.

Some pieces are trophies, others are decorative items, while others even had practical uses. Though they had resided for many year’s in the Town Hall vaults, the silver now gleams proudly like a trove of newly unearthed treasure in our environmentally sealed cabinets, also available for viewing.

The Heritage Suite adjoins the Mayor’s Parlour, the historic office of the Mayor of Hereford. This room also contains an abundance of nostalgia and treasure, such as the City’s swords.

All these relics and more are open to the public, and should you decide to visit the Heritage Suite, one of our experienced and qualified guides will be on hand to tell you even more about the history and significance of the things you’ll see. The Town Hall itself is full of important historic items, so while you’re here it’s well worth a stroll around the building, if not only to appreciate the architecture alone!

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